Welcome to the NEW RazarSharp.com

Valued RazarSharp Customer,

My name is Ramzy Azar, the founder of RazarSharp urban lawn and garden solutions. I am beyond excited to welcome you to the brand new RazarSharp.com online store.

By reinventing our online presence, we hope to further our mission to bring you the very best in green urban lawn care and gardening. By creating a richer experience online, we will be better able to serve you – our valued customers. In addition to providing you with a more robust online marketplace, we’ll continue to add news, event information, and best practices that help you create beautiful spaces in the city.

How did this all begin?

Five years ago I realized I needed a lawn care solution for my small yard in Washington, DC. While traveling in Brazil, I met a manufacturer of small lawnmowers and yard care tools and thought they would be the perfect solution. I bought the Original Mini Mower that day and upon arriving home, realized that the Mini Mower was exactly the small, high-quaility, easily-stored solution I was looking for. It was so small it even fit in the overhead compartment of my plane! And it cut the grass in my yard as well and any full size lawn mower. I founded RazarSharp with the goal of bringing great Green tools like the Mini Mower to the local community.

RazarSharp has grown since then. We are now proud to offer two distinct product lines – Urban Lawncare and Urban Gardening. The Urban Lawncare line features mower and trimmers made especially for small, urban lawns. The Urban Gardening line offers an array of tools for folks looking to start or expand small urban or community gardens. Here’s a snapshot of each product line:


City Clipper Classic
3-in-1 Ultra Trimmer
The Original Mini Mower


Urban Gardening Starter Kit
Organic Shredder
Rainwater HOG

We’re excited about the growth of our outfit and remain committed to the same core values that guided us when we began – including RazarSharp’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! We will do everything we can to make sure you get the products you need on time and will ensure they are the quality you expect.

Thanks for visiting us at the new RazarSharp.com. Now let’s create better urban landscapes together!

Looking forward to serving you,
Ramzy Azar
RazarSharp Founder


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