HGTV host on RazarSharp: “It’s a really nice solution”

Host of HGTV’s Curb Appeal, Sasha Andreev, presents the Razarsharp 3-in-1 Ultra Trimmer — our innovative mower, trimmer and edger — at the 2012 Washington DC Home and Garden Show. Read on to see why he thinks it is the perfect solution for small, urban lawns. Highlighting RazarSharp’s products and telling a bit of our story, Andreev explained: “There is a company called RazarSharp that’s relatively new to the area, it’s been around for just a few years. The gentleman who runs it was on vacation in Brazil and was in one of their stores and saw that had these tiny, little electric mowers that are super easy to use, that you can box up, that can fit in the trunk of your car — and he thought, “SCORE! I’m going to bring that here.” So it became his flagship product: The MiniMower.” Andreev goes on to spotlight the 3-in-1 Ultra Trimmer, saying, “As someone who lives in an urban environment where my lawn really isn’t that big, it’s a really nice solution. Watch his full demo in the video below. We hope you find RazarSharp’s products to be as helpful as he did!


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